Last July, having come out the sewing machine, I showed you my favorite hats.

I have been a fan of scarves and headbands in hair for years. I find very rarely “all-facts” that I like in the trade, so to speak never in fact …
I like that they hold in place and they adapt to my hair thickness according to my hairstyles and especially I do not have to redo knots every 2 hours, so I fiddled and especially I put on a rubber band.

I promised you a little DIY, here it is finally!
As always my stitching is not very academic but frankly it does, and it’s quite simple to do in less than 15 minutes.

I give you here step by step. The explanations may not be very clear (please excuse me this pregnancy has attacked me more neurons than the previous ones …) but I think the pictures speak for themselves …

Finally, I hope!
And if not feel free to send me a small email or message

For a headband, you need: 2 rectangles of 60cm / 20cm fabric (here Atelier Brunette fabric), 1 fabric rectangle of 20cm / 5cm, 1 piece of elastic 10cm / 1.5cm, scissors and a machine to sew (with the thread always it is better!).

1 – Fold the 2 rectangles right side up in the length. Sew 1.5 cm from the edge and then turn everything over so that you have a tube in place.

2 – Place the “tubes” obtained flat cross as in the first picture below.
Then fold to make them interlace.

3 – The goal is to “close each tube” by reducing the width while maintaining this interlacing …
Fold the corners as in the photos below. Then fold the tip a bit like a gift wrap.

4 – Sew in this place as in the first picture below.

Repeat for the second “tube” and put back in place for this seam to be inside.

The base of the headband is ready!

5 – We now take care of the elastic that will close the band.

Take the small rectangle of fabric that remains. Fold it in half lengthwise, always right side up, then sew close to the edge but not too much. Then turn it over to have a mini “tube” at the place.

Slip the elastic. Sew the first edge on the end of the elastic and do the same on the other end of the elastic. So we end up with gathers because the fabric is bigger than the elastic.