What if it took a minute to make a headband yourself? To create your head jewel without taking it, Cosmo offers tips and advice from Aurélie. Elastics, braids and ties, find out what is the necessary material but also how to assemble everything to make a unique hair accessory. Dive headlong into the “do it yourself” and create the headband of your dreams! With the right tools, everything is possible, right?

Doing a headband yourself is, ultimately, not the sea to drink. The proof ? Cosmo gives you the instructions for a homemade headband in one minute! To create your head jewel without taking it, you need an Aurelie and good tools. All perfectly orchestrated in a video signed Cosmo.

The headband, instructions for use:
The right tools:

1 piece of tape (about 50 cm)

1 piece of elastic (about 20 cm)

1 pair of fasteners

1 flat clip

1 chisel

To make a headband yourself, you must have the right material.

Just choose, first, the strip that you need. Lace, polka dots, colorful or liberty, know that you will find in all the haberdashery to make your happiness quickly. Then you think about the color of the elastic. Blue, black, brown or pink, the elastic should perfectly match the color or print of the chosen braid. Finally, you must choose fasteners (gold, silver or flat) depending on the size and width of the chosen ribbon.

For tools, you need a pair of scissors and flat pliers.

To begin, you must measure your head circumference. Know that the ribbon of the headband must go from ear to ear and the elastic must be fixed behind the neck.

Example: If your head circumference is 55 cm, you must have 40 cm of ribbon to make your custom headband.

For the elastic, you can cut a piece of 20 cm wide that you will readjust directly according to your head circumference.

The cut braid, simply attach the fasteners at each end, using a flat pliers.

To finish your headband, you must slip the elastic in the fasteners and adjust it according to your head circumference.

With a video, the good advice of Aurélie and the good material, you know, now, how to make your headband.

It remains to know how to wear the headband …