You can make it as is, in white or use colored feathers according to your desires!

Let’s start with the list of necessary materials:

• Feathers: They can be found in most of the Arts & Crafts stores.

• Pearls: I use here “Rennaissance” beads of the brand Guttermann (4mm)

• Crystals: also from the Guttermann brand

• Ribbon: silk or lace 2.5cm wide and 1m long

• White vinyl glue

• A pair of scissors

• A spool of thread: the same color as your feathers

• A small piece of fabric: also the same color as your feathers

• A needle

Step 1: The flower

Cut a small piece of fabric the size of your ribbon. If your ribbon is 2.5 cm wide, cut a small square of 2.5cm x 2.5cm. Then, as in general feather packs consist of feathers of different sizes, select the larger ones to start your flower. Dip the rod of each feather in the glue and arrange them in a circle on your small square of fabric without overlapping. Do not worry if the glue is visible because it will become transparent as it dries.

Once your first circle is over, start again with your medium sized feathers by inserting them between the large ones and then finishing with the smaller feathers.

Step 2: Drying

Everything is in the title, once you are satisfied with your flower, let it dry a few hours or a night if necessary.

Step 3: The pearls

Now is the time to decorate your flower! Using your pliers, arrange your pearls and crystals in the center of your flower to create the desired effect. Personally I used more crystals than pearls, and I arranged it all asymmetrically.

Once you know how many pearls you will need to sew one by one in the center of your flower, being careful to get your needle through all the layers. This step is often more difficult because the glue has solidified. If you can not really do it, you can still glue your beads with vinyl glue.

Step 4: The ribbon

We are almost there! Once you have finished sewing your pearls and crystals, flip your flower and place the center of your ribbon in the middle of it. Make small dots by hand (follow the red line) with vote thread and needle taking care not to damage the feathers.

Once done, go to your mirror, put your new headband on your head and … dance!